The all-in-one services are a Windows and MacOS (re)installation that gives your computer the best condition to perform at its maximum and increases its longevity. Usually paired with Ram (memory) and SSD (hard drive) upgrades; these services are the best overall price and performance option. Silver, Gold or Platinum services are available. These are in-shop prices, hourly rate applies for jobs on-site.

Service Includes

Windows installation of your choice
Windows, Apps and Drivers Updates
Productivity suite (Office, etc.) installation
Freeware such as VLC and Adobe Reader
Data Backup/Migration up to 100gb

Services from Silver Package +

Three (3) additional software installations
Data Backup/Migration up to 300gb
Cleanup of cooling components (fans)
New thermal paste on CPU and GPU
Restore point creation
One (1) Year antivirus with ESET Internet Security

Services from Gold package +

Unlimited additional software installation
Unlimited Data Backup/Migration
Windows Installation File on USB
Three (3) Year antivirus with ESET Internet Security
Fifteen percent (15%) off On-Site Services incl:

Wi-Fi Setup
Printer Assistance
Email Setups
Social Networks Logins
Miscellaneous Electronic Problems
Telecommunication Expertise
Passwords Resets

hardware & software installation

We can install all sorts of components in your computer including graphics card, network adapters, new hard drive, ram (memory), etc. We have favorable knowledge of the most popular software on the market and will suggest the ones that fit your needs.

laptop screen & keyboard replacement

Accidentally dropped a laptop or having a bad morning and  spilled coffee on your keyboard rendering it inoperable? Replacing a screen and/or keyboard isn’t impossible and is often less expensive than buying a new computer.

diagnostic including a detailled report

You don’t know what’s happening with your computer? Inexplicable popups? Is it running as fast as a turtle? We will give you an extensive report on the health of your machine and suggest appropriate actions to be taken to get you back on track.

telecom advisor

We will guide you to the best service available in your area and help you get a better service by changing company or by negotiating you a deal that suits your needs.

personalized computer purchase

We will ask you the right questions and we will find the exact computer that you are looking for within the established budget. We have a deep knowledge of the last 15 years of computer technology that make us your best partner in hunting down that perfect computer.